Sunday, January 4, 2015

Prayer & Fasting, Peace & Blessings Reflections of 2014

Hello Mighty Prayer Warriors,

It's hard to believe that it's been a year since our last post. We were faced with many changes and challenges in 2014, but God who is faithful brought us through it all.

As I read some of the old post and podcast I began to reflect on the Prayerwall page and many of the personal and group prayer request and marveled at how God answered many, if not all of our prayer request.

Last year this time my pastor, Neva Lema,(Restoration City Church) was rushed to the hospital and after arriving, within minutes was placed on life support for a punctured  and severely infected intestines. She had been back and forth to the doctors and complaining about not feeling well for three months. It was a miracle that she went to the hospital emergency room when she did. The doctors later said had she not come in when she did she would have died within hours.

She remained on life support and in intensive care for five days, when the doctors told us to gather her family because they had done all they could do; but God said not so. We gathered the family, called all the church members and began to bombard heaven as she lay there unaware of anything that was going on. Her family, who depended on her for spiritual, moral and emotional support was beside themselves to say the least.

I happened to be in the hospital that cold Thursday night, (not really, since I don't believe in happenstance? I was on a divine appointment  when one of the young doctors assigned to her case came through the hospital doors with that cold, sanitary, hospital look of doom and gloom to tell her husband, son, sister and grandson that it didn't look good. A younger person would not have been able to stand the trauma that her body had endured, the fact that she was a senior, with a generic bone disease, who stood about four feet tall, who was already frail and had got down to 68 pounds was probably not going to make it.

Pastor Neva (center)
 Before the doctor could get the words out of his mouth, her son began to sob and break down, but the Holy One in me, the one who knows that God is not Dead but He's is alive, and He is roaring like a Lion, stood up within me at that very moment and looked that doctor square in his eye and said, you don't know my pastor and you don't know our God. She may look frail but you don't know her resolve; she is resilient. I told that doctor to do everything in his power to save her life and my God would do the rest. And God did just that.

A few weeks later she was released from  ICU and transferred to another hospital for follow-up care, and from there to a convalescent home for a few weeks of rehabilitation and then home. The only difference this time is she would be going home with a colostomy bag. Something the doctors said  may take years for her body to adjust to because they were sure her body could not stand another traumatic surgery to reverse it. She was back at church and preached her first sermon three months later. Still weak but stronger in her faith than she'd ever been before but glad to be alive.

If you ask her where was God when she was laying in the hospital bed between life and death, she will tell you God was there all the time. Praise God, He did it again!

Be Blessed
Vonita B

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